‘Tis the season to wonder where the year has gone!

Weren’t we just celebrating Easter just a few days ago? That’s life, though. The older you get, the faster time files (turns out my mother was right!). Advent-the season before Christmas-especially plays with our sense of time. Old people remember childhood like it was yesterday. Parents pray for time to slow down. For kids, time does slow down – way down! Do you remember how long it used to take for Christmas to actually get here?

Christian writer Matt Rawle explains why time seems so mixed up in Advent: “The church gathers in the present to ponder the past for a future hope”. we look to a past some 2000 years old to make sense of today and give us hope for tomorrow. No wonder we’re confused!

We light candles to mark time, but not time in any usual form. We mark the progression from Hope, to Love, Joy, and Peace. Finally, Christ arrives and we light the tallest candle. The timetable for Christ’s arrival in our hearts is known only to God. Some of us may still be waiting. My prayer is the we use the next month to prepare our hearts for his birth. Through worship, song, and Sacrament may time FLY until Jesus is born anew in our lives.

In Christ