Preachers always look forward to the Fall (at least, this one does!).  Fall means school is in session, which means vacations are ending, which means church attendance increases.  As attendance increases, so does giving.  The major Holidays (Thanksgiving and Christmas) will be here before you know it!  In Alabama, it means football kicks off!  In Winfield, it means “Mule Day” is close.  Lots of good stuff comes as the leaves start to fall. 

Sometimes, it feels like Christians “hibernate” in the Summer.  This year, we didn’t! We maintained an average attendance of 82 people for the ten weeks of Summer.  That’s fantastic!  Thank you for that!  Good job, church!  I think the “Ten@10” experiment was a success.  We had a SUPER FUN Bible School!  25 kids per night attended.  

Now, we worship at 10:30; a new time, with many of the new aspects, yet still the familiar traditions.  The Adult Choir will be back.  I pray that we will continue to show forth that commitment to Christ.  Today, I’m preaching about the “Word becoming flesh.”  I pray that we will be “Christ in the flesh” for our friends – and for those we don’t know yet!

In Christ,