I know most of us are too old for this, but school starts soon!  Among our family of God here at Winfield First UMC, we have students and teachers who have been anticipating/dreading this day for months!

Next week (August 5), we will have a special time of blessing for students and teachers during our worship service.  Students will bring their backpacks to be blessed.  They will carry those backpacks daily – full of work to be done, full of work to be turned in, full of notebooks, pencils, and pens.  Wouldn’t be great if, every time they picked that pack up, they remembered that we love them and are praying for them?

We’ll also be bringing school supplies to give to our teachers.  Many students don’t have all they need and often teachers stock their classroom out of their own pocket.  Let’s help them out! Wouldn’t it be great if, every time they pulled out an extra notebook, pencil, pen, or crayon they remembered that their church loves them and is praying for them?


In Christ,