Have you ever been to a worship service without music? I have. It’s not fun. They’re barely worship services. Have you ever been to a church with bad music? I have. I’d rather have no music than bad music. I once served a church where only one woman could play piano and she only knew about 12 songs. If she was sick or out of town – or if you wanted to sing something other than her repertoire – you were out of luck!

This happened to another preacher I know: in the middle of the service the preacher heard, “Psst! Preacher! Can we sing another song? I don’t know this next one!” True story.

Have you ever been to a choir practice where you need a knife to cut the tension? Or you barely practice because of all the sarcasm and “digs” being tossed around? I have. It’s painful.

Have you ever stopped to think how totally blessed we are at Winfield FUMC? Do you know what a gift from God our music ministry is? I do. I’ve served churches where they weren’t so blessed. I don’t want to go back. From Wednesday night practices to Sunday morning performances, from full choir to Praise Band, from solo – or trio – specials to full Cantatas, our music ministry is totally devoted to sharing the love of God through song.

Why is it so blessed? Because the people involved are devoted to God. They are encouraged to stay close to God by the loving direction of Laura Boswell. Why are they so good? Because Laura teaches them well and all the musicians – Alex, Amanda, Anthony and Carol – are some of the best in Winfield.

I once heard someone say (I can’t remember who) that “the Holy Spirit comes in on the wings of music.” Absolutely true! Music moves us like no sermon or prayer ever could! Every time our choir or soloists stand to sing, every time the Praise Band plays, every time we hear a prelude or an offertory, we open our hearts to the Holy Spirit. Count your blessings, church!


In Christ,