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“Lost and Found – that Amazing Grace”


    “Lost and Found – that Amazing Grace” Luke 15:1-10   1 All the tax collectors and sinners were gathering around Jesus to listen to him.  2 The Pharisees and legal experts were grumbling, saying, “This man welcomes sinners and eats with them.”  3 Jesus told them this parable:  4 “Suppose someone among you had one hundred sheep and lost […]

    First Break All the Rules


      First Break All the Rules Acts 8:26-39 26 An angel from the Lord spoke to Philip, “At noon, take the road that leads from Jerusalem to Gaza.” (This is a desert road.)  27 So he did.  Meanwhile, an Ethiopian man was on his way home from Jerusalem, where he had come to worship.  He was […]

      Up Close and Personal


        “Up Close and Personal” October 18, 2015 Hebrews 4:12-16   12 …because God’s word is living, active, and sharper than any two-edged sword.  It penetrates to the point that it separates the soul from the spirit and the joints from the marrow.  It’s able to judge the heart’s thoughts and intentions.  13 No creature is […]

        “The Unforgivable Sin


          “The Unforgivable Sin” June 14, 2015 Mark 3:20-35   20 Jesus entered a house.  A crowd gathered again so that it was impossible for him and his followers even to eat.  21 When his family heard what was happening, they came to take control of him.  They were saying, “He’s out of his mind!”  22 […]

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