I want to start by thanking everyone for a wonderful worship experience in “The Mystery of Christmas”. There are so many people from the church staff, ladies in the kitchen, ushers, children, parents, those who came, those who made snacks and Misty for making everything sparkle.

Special thanks to Todd and Chris for the sound, and to Jim, Carol, Amanda and Rickey for the amazing instrumental music. Thanks to the quartets, the Sextons, and soloist for a wonderful job. And the choir for whom I couldn’t ask for a perfect blend of song and heart to make our Christmas meaningful and enhanced. You have worked patiently and with commitment and I appreciate all of you.

No choir practice for Children, Handbells, and Adult Choir until — get this surprise–January 31, yes you read it right. Thanks to the pre-planning and practices there will be solos and duets for the next couple of weeks. We will have choir each Sunday morning.

Happy New Year and may God bless us and our church this year more than ever.

Thank You Laura