At the Administrative Board meeting last week, we talked about worship attendance. I expressed a goal of increasing our average attendance. For 2017, our average was 96 people per week. In 2018, let’s increase that to 100! That means we need to hold on to the regulars and find some new people. Think about how we can help make this happen together!

Next week, we will serve Communion – which is not unusual, we do it every month. Starting in February, though, we will give our Communion offering (the money placed on the altar rail as we receive Communion) to Habitat for Humanity. Our goal is to donate $100 per month to this worthy ministry.

Lent begins in February – on Valentine’s Day, no less (how’s that for symbolism?). We will observe Ash Wednesday on February 14 with an evening worship service at 6:00 pm.

In Christ,