October, we will be giving praise and worship to our sovereign God.

When did worship begin?  The first scripture was Exodus 23:25-26, I Samuel 2:2 (Hannah’s worshipful prayer), 2 Samuel 7:21-22 (David’s grateful worship), I Chronicles 16:31-34 (David’s song of thankful worship), and Daniel 4:30 (Nebuchadnezzar’s humble worship).  These are just five of a long list, so do you see where I’m going with this?  God’s people have always praised him.

The word praise can be found more than 200 times in the Bible, and if you add worship, sing, shout, and bow down, the number climbs to almost 500….

We were created to praise and worship God.  It is a lifestyle of inward (our hearts), upward (when we worship to help others), and outward (being sensitive and mindful of others before ourselves).  Worship = thanksgiving and praise = adoration.  When we come on Sundays to praise and worship God, let’s prepare ourselves for a lifestyle of worship.  Lifting our voices in song, through instruments, prayer, reading scripture and hearing the Word, we honor what God has called us to do.  This can keep our focus on God, bring us to humility, make the enemy flee, take out negative thoughts, make room for God’s blessings, and pave a way for the power of God to be displayed.  Wow!  Can it do all that?  Yes?

In the season of Thanksgiving approaching, be aware that God deserves and wants our worship and praise as a lifestyle daily and on Sundays.  So let’s start by opening our hearts to hear and live to respond.  As we say “Loving God, loving others, ands serving the world.”