Newsletter, July 2016


From Your Pastor



One thing I have learned as a United Methodist Preacher:  it’s always good to say a good goodbye.  It is healthy for relationships to be able to say goodbye to each other, to leave no loose ends, leave nothing unsaid or unresolved.  We have that opportunity now.

Our Music Director, Laura Lesley, has submitted her resignation to the Staff-Parish Relations Committee.  We reluctantly accepted it.  Her recent move to Birmingham and resulting 90-minute commute prohibits her from devoting the time she feels is necessary to do an adequate job.  We love her and will miss her.  Her last Sunday will be July 10.

That means we have three more Sundays – three weeks – to say a healthy goodbye.  If there is something you want to tell Laura, tell her.  Something you want to thank her for?  Thank her.  A wish, a hope, or a prayer you have for her future?  Tell her.  Is there some memory of a special moment you shared?  Laugh (or cry) with her about it.  It’s important to part with as little loose ends as possible.  If there are hurts, do all within your power to heal them.

Because another thing I’ve learned as a Methodist Preacher?  You always meet again.


In Christ,