Church Family:

Chuck Alexander                                         Marie Hill

Nell Attaway                                            Vonceal Holliman

Edd & Mary Jim Black                                Gloria Keeton

Max & Patsy Brasher                                 Glenn May

Misty Brown                                             Harold McDonald

Debra Burnett, recovering from surgery        Larry McGee

Rose Byrd                                               Frances Norris

Lynn Crook, recovering from surgery            Family of Harry & Patricia Rodgers

Patsy Earnest                                           Amanda Carothers South

Kenneth & Peggy Gilmer                              Rhyan Suitts

Jayden, Jason & Tanya Tucker


Extended Family:

Kareem Abram (friend of Jim Raines)

Doris Anderson (aunt of Todd and Allen Anderson)

Dennis Austin, hospitalized (nephew of Linda McDonald)

Lurleen Avery (Pam Brasher’s sister’s mother-in-law)

Marsha Baker, cancer (sister of Roger Davis)

Tammy Ballinger, surgery (wife of Dwain Ballinger; friend of Carol Dickinson)

Allen Barber, cancer has returned (friend of the Sexton family)

Brandon Bostick (grandson of Sonya and Jr. Bostick)

Allen Davis (friend of Randy Russell)

Jay Elliott, surgery

Nick Fox (friend of Jim Raines)

Dale Gilliland (friend of J. Max & Pam Brasher)

Jeff Halcomb, cancer (friend of Jimmy Chaffin)

Danny Harbin, cancer (friend of Linda McDonald)

Dale Housh

Bobby Lacey, leukemia

Danny Loftis (nephew of Linda McDonald)

Brandi Lowe (daughter of Chuck & Ginny Dickerson)

Family of Beth Mason (sister of Lynn Crook), who passed away 11/18

Terry and Lori Miles, friend of Jim & Jane Raines

Duane Odell, stage 4 breast cancer (friend of Deborah Tidwell)

Lonnie O’Rear (friend of Jim Raines)

Jett Perry (cousin of Amy Clelland)

Family of Brenda Pickle, who is in hospice (aunt of Pam Brasher)

Larry & Marion Reese

William Robert Rodgers (brother of Harry Rodgers)

Randy Russell (son of Jack & Hermi)

Sarah Schmidt (friend of Laura Lesley)

Karen Shelly, health concerns (friend of Roger & Petra Davis)

Family of Hayden Spiller, age 18, who passed away 11/05

Glynda Swinney, chemo (friend of Linda Housh)

Jim & Brenda Taylor (friend Linda McDonald)

Thomas Tyra (father of Cynthia Tyra)

Karl Yeager, heart & kidney issues (friend of Bill Belle Isle)